Detailed Report for 2016

"International Journal of ChemTech Research "

ISSN: 0974-4290
Print version: No
Electronic version: Yes
Study field: Technical sciences

ICV 2015: 112.85

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ICI JOURNALS MASTER LIST Detailed Report for 2016

"International Journal of ChemTech Research "

(ISSN: 0974-4290)

ICV 2015: 112.85

ICI Value is consists of the two elements: 91.80 + 21.05

Detailed information regarding the ICI Journals Master List methodology is available at www.journals.indexcopernicus.com in the "Evaluation Methodology" tab.


Points: 9.73 / 10.70

Information printed on the journal cover or published on the journal's home page:
ISSN, year, number, issue, volume or month.
100 %
Article metadata 
keywords in original language100 %
keywords in English100 %
author's affiliation100 %
The date on which the article was sent/accepted0 %
Instructions for authors 
instruction regarding the structure of the article100 %
instruction regarding the format of references100 %
Clear and esthetic layout of the articles and the journal100 %
ICI JOURNALS MASTER LIST Detailed Report for 2016

II. Standards

Points: 5.77 / 6.42

Review procedure publication100 %
Review model100 %
External reviewers100 %
Statement confirming the original content of the scientific publication100 %
Statement regarding the contributions of individual co-authors (ghostwriting block)100 %
Statement confirming no conflict of interest100 %
Statement regarding the financing sources of the article or research covered by the article0 %

III. Stability


Positive criteria

Points: 1.71 / 4.28

journal's publication frequency100 %
Years of publishing stability of the journal0 %

Negative criteria

Points: 0.00 / -16.5

No publications in 2014-20150 %
Publication delay of more than 6 months in 2014-2015 0 %
Publication of combined issue in 2014-2015 0 %

IV. Indexing in databases

Points: 8.02 / 16.05

Indexing in databases 50 %
ICI JOURNALS MASTER LIST Detailed Report for 2016

V. Digitalization

Points: 36.32 / 37.45

Active, frequently updated website100 %
Electronic publishing-editorial system100 %
Gathering data regarding downloads and views of articles100 %
Used bibliographic styles100 %
Tools used to maintain bibliographic data100 %
Ability to introduce data related to refernces100 %
Full versions of scientific publications available over the Internet100 %
DOI numbers100 %
Application of the "ahead of print rule" for all scientific publications0 %
Available formats for scientific publications available over the Internet100 %


Points: 26.22 / 32.10

language versions of the journal's website100 %
Scientific publications published in English, German, French, Spanish, Russian and Italian (full text)100 %
Titles and abstracts of the scientific publications available in English100 %
Foreign affiliations of the authors35 %
Foreign affiliations of the reviewers40 %
Foreign affiliations of the Scientific Council of the journal65 %
ICI JOURNALS MASTER LIST Detailed Report for 2016

VII. Experts Peer-Review Opinion

Points: 4.00 / 20.00

Journal is publishing up-to-date content of high scientific value
Journal is an official platform for conference publications
Journal frequently publishes articles by theoretic and practical experts in the field it covers
Journal is based on the top ethical standards
The journal publicise knowledge worldwide
Educational value of the journal
journal's potential
Influential part for the national heritage, important for development of culture and science

VIII. journal's impact

Points: 21.05

Frequency of quotations21.05
The citation rate dynamics0.00
ICI JOURNALS MASTER LIST Detailed Report for 2016

Journal's grade - summary

journal's evaluation: International Journal of ChemTech Research (ISSN: 0974-4290)

ICV 2015: 112.85

ICI Value is consists of the two elements:
  1. The quality of the journal is based on the grade criteria fulfillment: 91.80
    The grade is composed of criteria from the following groups:
    • Editorial quality
    • Standards
    • Stability
    • Indexing in databases
    • Digitalization
    • Internationalization
    • Experts Peer-Review Opinion
    Top ICI Journals Master List grade is: ICV=100.
    If the journal receives between 100 and 127 points, it will gain ICV=100.
    If the journal is given less than 100 points, the grade will be equal to the number of received points.

  2. journals impact – determined by the citation rate and the dynamics: 21.05
Data provided by the scientific journals in the evaluation questionnaires are partially verified and updated.

ICV grade for 2016 is calculated on the basis of:
  • questionnaire including detailed information about the journal, filed in electronic form by the editors of the journal
  • analysis of the issue of the journal based on the Index Copernicus delivered to (hard copy)
  • publicly available data relating to the citation rate

Appeals can be sent by e-mail: odwolania@indexcopernicus.com within 14 days from the day the grade was received.